Moving to Rotterdam

Expats moving to Rotterdam will find themselves in a unique and endearing part of the Netherlands. The city has overcome significant historical hardships, and today Rotterdam is often thought of as a symbol of resilience and regrowth.

In 1940, in an event known as the Rotterdam Blitz, German forces bombed the city, destroying the historic city centre. After the bombing, only one building was left standing – St Lawrence's Church, which was restored and can still be visited today. While the Blitz resulted in the loss of many historic buildings dating back to the medieval era, the subsequent reconstruction of the city centre gave Rotterdam a unique opportunity to rebuild and redefine itself. Today, Rotterdam's experimental architecture is unique among Dutch cities, and the city's vibrant energy makes it an exciting place to live.

Most expats moving to Rotterdam do so with a job offer in hand. Those seeking employment in the city may, however, find it difficult to find work, particularly if they don't hold EU citizenship. That said, once a job is obtained, expats can enjoy the city's low cost of living, especially in comparison to other major Dutch destinations  – for example, accommodation in Rotterdam can be up to 80 percent cheaper than in Amsterdam.

Expats with kids will be pleased to know that there are many good schools in the city, including a handful of international schools. Fees for private schools can be pricey, but the Dutch schooling system is considered to be of a high standard and is known for making provisions for foreign students, with some schools having international or bilingual sections. This can save a great deal of money.

Rotterdam is a lively city with plenty of opportunities for fun things to see and do, and there are numerous exciting events to attend throughout the year. The shopping, nightlife and restaurant scenes in the city are thriving, and young singles and families alike are sure to find plenty to keep themselves amused.

With so much to offer, Rotterdam is a city well worth considering if planning a move to the Netherlands. The attractive combination of the city's lifestyle perks and low cost of living brings many an expat to Rotterdam. Thanks to the variety of excellent amenities available, expats are sure to settle down in no time.