Work Permits for Kazakhstan

In most cases, foreigners wishing to take up employment in Kazakhstan will need a valid work visa and a valid work permit. Though there are some exceptions to this, they only apply to very particular cases in the field of education.

The Kazakh government has been making an effort to streamline the process of applying for visas but the bureaucratic remnants of Soviet rule still linger, making application a cumbersome prospect.

Nevertheless, as long as prospective expats are careful to ensure that all their documentation is in order, they should eventually be granted their valid work visa for Kazakhstan.

Applying for work visas for Kazakhstan

In Kazakhstan, there are two important documents that a foreign worker must obtain to take up employment in the country. The first is a work permit, which the employer applies for on behalf of the foreign worker or workers he or she plans to employ. The second is a work visa, which allows the foreign worker to enter Kazakhstan for the purposes of taking up employment.

An application for a work visa cannot be made without a valid work permit that the employer has been granted by the relevant authorities.

Types of work visas for Kazakhstan

There are five types of Kazakh work visas. They are as follows:

  • M1: General work visa

  • M2: For dependents of an M1 visa holder

  • M3: For travel to Kazakhstan to submit documents for a work visa

  • M4: For business immigrants

  • M5: For seasonal workers

Apart from the M2 visa, which allows visa holders entry for 90 days, all work visas are valid for one year and are renewable.

*Visa regulations and requirements for work permits are subject to change at short notice and expats should contact their respective embassy or consulate for the latest details.