Accommodation in Buenos Aires

Accommodation in Buenos Aires is plentiful, ranging from serviced apartments, to short-term rentals, to villas available for purchase.

Most expats who move to Buenos Aires prefer to rent accommodation for the few years they live in the city. Expats who are in Argentina for longer, however, often decide to buy property.

Most expats choose to live in the upmarket, expensive areas of Buenos Aires, so those wanting to live near other expats may have to come to terms with high rental prices. The most popular suburbs of Buenos Aires for expats are Puerto Madero, Recoleta, Belgrano and Palermo. These are also areas in which expats will most likely find furnished apartments.

Types of accommodation in Buenos Aires

There are many options for accommodation in Buenos Aires and expats should be able to find something to suit their taste and budget without much of a problem. There are luxurious apartments and economical studios, villas in gated communities, and even grand estates on the outskirts of the city. Expats should keep in mind, though, that the closer they are to the centre of the city, the more expensive the accommodation will generally be. 

Finding accommodation in Buenos Aires

Finding accommodation in Buenos Aires can be easy with the help of online resources, newspaper classifieds and real estate agents. A good place for expats to start looking for accommodation is in La Nacion and Clarin, both of which are daily newspapers in Argentina. Expats who are not yet in Argentina can access their websites, which are updated daily.

Despite these resources, the best way for expats to find accommodation in Buenos Aires is often through an estate agent. Estate agents have access to the best listings and can help expats through the process of securing accommodation, whether to purchase or rent. They can also conduct background checks and verify an expat’s garantia (guarantor) if they need one.

Once expats have found accommodation in Buenos Aires it is easy to purchase or rent that property, as there are few restrictions on foreigners in Argentina.

Renting property in Buenos Aires 

Expats should not have a problem renting accommodation in Buenos Aires. The only thing that might be required of foreigners is that they provide a garantia: an Argentine citizen who is willing to vouch for them. Foreigners also usually pay much higher rent than locals because it is assumed that expats have more money to spend. This is most common on short-term rentals of less than two years.

Expats wanting a long-term rental at a local rate will need a Documento Nacional de Identidad (DNI). This can be quite difficult to acquire as a foreigner, and expats will have to deal with a lot of paperwork, fees and bureaucracy. It might be worth the trouble in the long run, though, because prices for long-term rentals are much lower.

The best way for expats to rent property in Buenos Aires is through an agency that specialises in working with foreigners. These agencies can help secure short-term rentals for expats without the need for a co-signer or additional paperwork. Without the help of an agency, expats will almost certainly need a garantia to vouch for them before they can rent accommodation in Buenos Aires.  Real estate agents usually take a commission of one month’s rent.